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In manufacturing, robots are used to perform many tasks formerly done by humans, such as Painting, Welding, Riveting, and Assembling, to name a few. Many commercial / industrial office buildings have been automated so that doors stay locked, lights stay off, central heating and air condtioning is disabled, and elevators stay on the ground floor, until somebody swipes thier key card to get into the building.

We are not suggesting that you swipe a key card to get into your home. However, Occupancy sensors, timers and electronic controls can operate lights, central heating & air conditioning, and security systems automatically. Sensors can be installed in your walkway, or garage door opener, that will turn the lights on inside your home before you open the door.

There's an added security benefit to this in that, late at night, once you've gone to bed, the entry and hall lights inside your home will turn on, should somebody be lurking outside. would'nt it be nice to know that, so you can look out the window and call 911 if necessary? Not to worry...Once they see the lights turn on...They Run Away.... And they won't come back!

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