Electrical Remodeling Tips For Older Claremont, CA Homes

Electrical RepairsRemodeling a Claremont house can be a lot of fun but it does take a good amount of advanced planning. For instance, many of the older homes in the area still have outdated electrical systems which need to be upgraded for safety, so it’s important to make the electrical remodeling part of the project a priority.

While you’re probably thinking more about the exciting updates you want to make to your Claremont home, such as what type of new carpeting you want or new paint colors, it’s important to focus first on what may need to be done in terms of bringing the home’s electrical system up to a safe and functional condition so that it can support all of the other updates you have planned.

Get An Electrical Inspection Before Planning Your Remodeling Project

One of the first suggestions we’d like to make is to get an electrical inspection done before you start planning a remodeling project for an older home in Claremont. This is a good starting point whether you’re planning to update just one room in the house or all of them because you’ll be eliminating any surprises that may blow the budget you’d planned.

The electrical inspection will detail exactly what needs to be done to update your home’s wiring, electrical panels, outlets, circuits, and possibly even the electrical service that supplies power to the home. It will also include estimates for each part of the electrical remodeling upgrades you need to make in order to ensure the electrical safety of the home.

The information you receive from the Claremont electrician who inspects the home will be very helpful to accurately plan the remodeling budget from the start. Trust us, you don’t want to start tearing everything up until you know the exact current condition of the home’s electrical system, especially if you’re planning to add more outlets, lighting, ceiling fans, or other fixtures.

Don’t Forget To Plan For Future Electrical Needs

Once you have an inspection done, you’ll have a good idea of what type of electrical repairs or upgrades to make for safety’s sake. You’ll also want to include any plans you may have for the future. For instance, are you just updating the interior now and plan to install additional landscape lighting our outdoor outlets next year?

Make sure to tell your electrician about any future home remodeling projects you may be making within the next five years so that they can recommend the best course of action to prepare the electrical system to support the additional wiring circuits.

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