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When it comes to electrical panel upgrades, most homeowners in San Dimas don’t exactly know what we’re referring to. Sure, they may know that an electrical panel is the same thing as a breaker box or service panel, but ask them about the basics of how this panel functions and why an electrician would ever need to upgrade it, and that’s typically where their knowledge base ends.

To help our customers and those in our local community to understand what electrical panels have to do with safety, San Dimas Electric has put together the following information about the basics of electrical panels. Enjoy this article, which will cover a few essential aspects of why and when to get electrical panel upgrades done for your San Dimas home.

What Does Your Electrical Panel Do?

The main electrical panel connects the utility power supply line to the various wiring circuits throughout your San Dimas house. This is where they meet and are routed to the different outlets, lights, heavy appliances, and your home’s heating and cooling equipment. In cases where a circuit gets overloaded, the breaker shuts off the power supply to the circuit. If the panel doesn’t work right, then sparks, arcs, and fires can become a possibility.

Electrical Safety Code Standards Change

San Dimas electricians know that city and state electrical safety code standards are in place to ensure that all electrical systems are safe. It is a well-known fact that old wiring and outdated panel boxes have led to many house fires. If you haven’t had your electrical panel checked out or the wiring inspected, now is a better time than any to do so. Electrical codes change over time based on modern electrical demand standards, so be sure the electrical system is updated from time to time throughout the years you own your home.

Make Sure Get An Electrical Panel Upgrade At Least Every Ten Years

If you live in your home rather than rent it out as an investment property, you can schedule an electrical panel upgrade with our San Dimas electrician about every ten years. If you rent your home out to tenants, it’s better to have the electrical panel inspected every five years.

The reason for this difference is when you live in the home, and you know what’s being done to it. When you don’t, you never know what the tenant may have done to the electrical system or what the previous owner may have done to it. These are average lengths of times between panel upgrades, so get one done more often if you would feel better.

If you live in San Dimas and need your electrical panel upgraded, or you think you might, contact San Dimas Electric. We’d be happy to schedule a service call if you’re experiencing problems with the wiring or having other issues. Our local electricians can take care of your panel upgrades and any other electrical repair service you might need.

If you are looking for a San Dimas electrical contractor, please call (909) 592-2191 or complete our online request form.

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