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It is always a good idea to locate the best electrical contractor in one's own neighborhood or locality, before deciding to go ahead with any type of electrical work on one's own house or apartment. This also applies to anyone who just finished building a San Dimas house or apartment and has to deal with the installation of electrical wiring and appliances. No matter what the size or importance the work is, one should never take for granted the work involved. Electrical work is always a serious job that should be left to highly skilled San Dimas electricians who are capable of providing great services.

  • New Construction Wiring
  • Existing Wiring Repairs
  • Code Corrections
  • Panel Upgrades

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"I install "SUN ROOMS & PATIO ENCLOSURES" . Sometimes I get a job that requires a room extension in the back of the house, right in front of the main electrical service. I used to tell the client, "YOU HAVE TO FIND AN ELECTRICIAN TO MOVE THAT PANEL".

People are very busy. They don't want to deal with another contractor. They want me to handle it, but i'm not an electrician. I'm not qualified or licensed to do this job. Quite frankly...I too am very busy, and I don't want to deal with it either.


I just make a phone call to Louie at San Dimas Electric. A couple of days later, the panel is moved, and I can now complete my project. I really appreciate being able to call on somebody I can count on. -"

| Rated: 3 / 3

"My wife and I wanted to install a pool and jacuzzi in the back yard. I needed to first replace the main panel in our home. The one we had was too old, and we didn't have any more room for the additional circuits we needed.

I did'nt know who to call. I was about to open the yellow pages, when I remembered a truck parked in front of a house in my neighborhood. I would pass it every day on my way to work, so I stopped and wrote down the number.

He came over that afternoon and gave me a free estimate. Yeah he was a little cheaper than the two other licensed contractors I called, but that's NOT why I hired him. It was just that feeling you get when you know you're talking to the right guy.

He didn't ask for a deposit, he took care of all the permits, and I didn't have to pay him until he passed his inspection. Not to mention, if we ever have a problem, he lives right down the street from us. You can't beat that! -"

| Rated: 3 / 3

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